What We Do

HR Maturity Assessment

We measure and characterize the maturity of workforce practices in organizations and design improvement paths that lead to envisioned business outcomes

HR Research/Survey

We prepare well-researched Board Papers/Proposals to enable Management/HR Committees make on-point HR-related decisions that are compliant with Employment Act(s) and international regulations. Our surveys target employee satisfaction and employee engagement with the aim of improving business results.

HR Measurements

We have embedded decision support systems in our reporting and analytical frameworks for better utilization of human resource information assets of organizations

HR Technology

We automate HR functions in organizations using intelligent tools and information systems that measure and connect HR initiatives to business outcomes.

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About HAIS

HAIS is a private limited company in Kenya endeavoring to serve the East Africa region. We schedule opportunities for businesses by measuring and connecting Human Resource initiatives to business outcomes using intelligent tools which align to human resource instruments of international standards.

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